Civil Law Partnership

Any individual, regardless of his or her background, can at one point or another face a criminal charge. It could be minor — like a traffic violation or an instance of unpaid parking tickets. When the charge is more serious, such as a hit-and-run, a drug crime or a violent crime, hesitating to contact an attorney can have a drastic effect on the outcome of the case.

You may think that simply being questioned does not warrant contacting a criminal defense attorney at the Law Office of Mark R. Stephens. Remember that early protection of your rights is crucial, and attorney Stephens can help you do so most effectively.

What Should I Do if I Am Being Questioned and Investigated?

If you were either a witness or potential party to a crime taking place, making statements soon thereafter to witnesses can help prosecutors build a case against you. The risk is far greater once law enforcement has approached you. In every case, it is important to mitigate the consequences by remaining calm, cooperating with others and exchanging any contact information necessary.

Cooperating in this case, however, does not mean you must make official statements to law enforcement officials or prosecutors. Police officers are not able to directly affect the charges dealt to you in court, even if they attempt to bargain with you by offering lesser charges or legal protection from other charges. Your best chance of having your rights protected lies in contacting an attorney who will be dedicated to your defense.

A Second Matter Should be Considered: Civil Liability

As noted above, individuals facing serious criminal charges do not often believe they need a criminal defense attorney. We are proud of our partnership  to provide outstanding civil protection to our clients as well. Browse the above page for further information on asset protection strategies and how to keep creditors from laying claim to what you own and taking your company.

The juncture of civil and criminal law is an important one. Attorney Mark Stephens can assist you with anything criminal in matter. However, often some of the most damage that is done to you and your family can be financial. Failing to properly protect your assets can mean not being able to afford quality legal advice down the road and your family not being able to take care of themselves while you are away.