Work For Newly Opened Business

One of my agency manager friends in the Wyoming financial services industry has asked me to reach out to my lawyer readers and gather resumes for a position they have available in the company at a satellite company location. What they’re looking for is someone who can come on board and prepare financial planning reports for the clients of the agency’s high producers. This is not a simple mail forwarding position.

The producer gathers the necessary information, and the Financial Planning Coordinator (I actually don’t know what the exact title is) will enter the information into the software, manipulate and analyze the data, develop recommendations and alternate savings and investment strategies, and print and bind the report for the producer to review with the client (often large companies). So the person already needs to be computer savvy, of course, and have basic knowledge of and financial services industry from an attorney’s perspective and an entrepreneurs.

LLC WY registered agent

The offer is somewhat non-traditional, however, and I have to warn you. This Law Group does not have the traditional employer-employee is not what you will receive here. Rather, you will be set up working as an independent contractor. This means you will set up an LLC which is hired by the company, and then will work via your company. This can be beneficial for tax reasons and also means you will have the convenience of working from your own home. My personal recommendation for a company to help you establish your new limited liability corporation is a small group out of Wyoming. They will help your WY LLC with registered agent services and agent for service of process. You will pay some of the lowest fees and enjoy great privacy and asset protection. Really just an unbeatable combo no matter how you slice and dice it.

The new hire will be expected to complete the Wyo CFP series of courses on a timely schedule, the bar exam, and grow in the position so as to be able to (within two years) begin teaching the financial advisors on current strategies for minimizing taxes and maximizing returns, and reducing risk, etc. The position is part salary, and part a percentage of the commissions which may be earned by the producer which come from the financial plan. So it’s a great position with a great company, and an opportunity to make a lot of money. You’ll need to have your life and health licenses, and the Series 7, since you’ll be making recommendations as to portfolio allocation and products, etc. I would recommend Ben Graham’s The Intelligent Investor if you need just one book to read to brush you up on the history of corporations and valuations etc.

I don’t enjoy Rachael Ray’s talk show as much as I like to watch her do-bop around the kitchen (and I bet you do too!), but I came across an interesting little segment on a website of a couple of lawyers (married) selling a book they wrote called “Trial and Heirs: Famous Fortune Fights.” The segment starts off discussing nothing new about Michael Jackson and Anna Nicole Smith’s estate wrangling over assets, but the guest authors relate those life estate battles to practical reasons why people need to get their estate planning done. It is a common topic that most people ignore because it relates to some pretty sad events in our lives. However, we have to plan for the future and engage in estate planning for the sake of our children and so that everything we have worked for doesn’t go to the government via taxes when we pass away.

Surprisingly good advice in a very short amount of time. It’s a good video clip to have your clients watch, because a) they get to see Rachael Ray; b) they get to hear celebrity gossip; and c) they actually hear some pretty convincing reasons for getting their affairs in order, which would obviously include estate planning and insurance. So check out the video, and forward your clients to Trial and Heirs so they too can hear more advice about why they need to take action and soon as possible for their Wyoming corporation, registered agent services and legal services.

Hopefully this new job opening for the new company is something that is of interest. In today’s economy, we cannot afford to pass up any good opportunity that comes our way, especially in the legal field. So while it is a bit non-traditional, don’t fret about that. Get your day started and send in what you have. Hopefully this company thinks you have what it takes to be their next financial rain maker. This way you can collect a big bonus and go form your own company and live your own life as you want to. Best of luck to everyone out there and have a great day!