Intent to Distribute

Everett Drug Delivery Defense Lawyer

The quantity of controlled substances and the location of those substances can influence the type of charge that an individual receives when drugs and drug paraphernalia are found by law enforcement. Standard drug possession turns into drug distribution and possession with intent to sell if intent to deliver can be implied. The penalties of such charges can be as severe as ones that would arise from selling directly to an undercover police officer.

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Finding Alternatives to Sentencing and Fines In Drug Offenses

Beyond the potential prison sentence and fines, drug crime convictions cause inescapable criminal records that follow individuals for years upon years. You need an attorney who not only knows the law but also knows how to cater the law to your needs, and help you get the second chance you need to protect your future and move forward.

A smart lawyer can work to get you alternatives to standard sentences, such as:

  • Electronic home monitoring (also known as EHM or house arrest) aka house arrest
  • Work release options so that you do not lose your job
  • Community service programs
  • Drug treatment or rehabilitation programs for drug court cases
  • Diversion resulting in charge dismissal once certain conditions are met — such as treatment plans, probation or the payment of court fees

Snohomish County Drug Distribution Defense Attorney

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