Child Abuse

Child Abuse Defense Lawyer

One minor argument in your home can result in charges of domestic violence. One accident involving your child can result in a child assault charge. These kinds of charges can take on the severity of a felony, the consequences of which can be long lasting. You could face years of incarceration, severe marks on your criminal record and have your children removed from your custody.

If you are being investigated for, accused of or have been charged with child abuse, contact a child abuse defense attorney at the Law Office of Mark R. Stephens immediately. Attorney Stephens has been protecting client rights for more than 15 years, and his fervent representation can help protect your rights and your future as well.

Abuse Has Been Reported, But Your Rights Still Need Protecting

Coroners, law enforcement officers, educators, medical professionals, child care providers and social services employees are required to report suspected child abuse if they notice suspicious indications of abuse such as:

  • Injuries to a child
  • Activity that may indicate sexual abuse or exploitation of a child
  • Behaviors that may indicate neglect of a child
  • Circumstances in which the health, welfare or safety of a child is at risk

In the District of Columbia, failure to report abuse or neglect to the State Department of Social and Health Services could result in a gross misdemeanor charge for that individual. While this is a strong player in protecting children, it can also result in criminal charges against the guardians of that child.