Domestic Abuse

Domestic Abuse Attorney

Domestic violence charges can be particularly insidious and have negative consequences that go far beyond the actual facts of the case. Often, when spouses or domestic partners get into heated arguments, angry words lead to threats or pushing and shoving. In the passion of the dispute, one partner may contact the police as a form of retaliation. When safety is truly a concern, this is a natural and proper response. All too frequently, however, the one who calls 911 is actually trying to get revenge, and in so doing, escalates a private matter to a serious legal problem.

Once the police come to someone’s home after an emergency call for help in the middle of a lovers’ quarrel or ugly breakup encounter, the conflict is no longer between two people. Law enforcement agents nearly always intend to arrest someone when they are called to intervene in a fight, responding to calls indicating that violence or threats have occurred. If you are the victim of ¬†abuse visit here.

If you are convicted of criminal charges of domestic abuse, you may:

  • Be ordered out of your own home
  • Be targeted in a “no contact order,” setting you up for further charges if you allegedly violate this order
  • Lose the right to see your children
  • Suffer losses in any ongoing or ensuing child custody and visitation dispute
  • Lose some of your civil rights such as your right to possess firearms, including hunting rifles

The stakes are very high if you have been charged with domestic violence. You could be ordered to particulate in a year-long domestic violence treatment program at your own expense. You could go to jail or prison. Your career could be over. Simply put: you need an aggressive, results-oriented Snohomish County domestic violence lawyer on your side to combat the negative impact of charges of partner or family abuse or violence.

From his law office in D.C., domestic abuse lawyer aggressively represents clients in misdemeanor and felony cases throughout the area. Mr. Stephens brings years of experience and in-depth knowledge of the courts and prosecutors to every domestic violence case.