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The most effective, ethical and forthright representation for criminal offenses comes from attorneys who can protect your rights even before you have been charged. District of Columbia and U.S.A. criminal law attorney, Mark D. Stephens, encourages individuals to call him immediately — even if they have just been questioned. Early contact with an attorney renders stronger defense.

Felony and Misdemeanor Defense Lawyer

More than 15 years of experience reinforces the fervent representation that clients receive from the Wyoming virtual offices of Mark D. Stephens. Mark has a reputation for excellence in the practice of criminal law and the defense of client rights throughout D.C. and Virginia state. His aggressive representation does not start with attitude, but rather, with acute knowledge, skill and dedication to the practice of criminal law. He pushes back against prosecutors who are eager to hand down convictions because he is confident in his command of this area of practice.

You Have Rights in DUI and Drug Charges · Violent Crimes · Reckless Driving · Theft – Civil Damages

It can be easy to fall victim to the methods that law enforcement professionals often use to get statements from witnesses and suspects. When approached to answer questions regarding a crime, you should cooperate, but also uphold your rights. You are not required to answer questions, and when you do make statements, you should have an attorney present.

Any mark on a criminal record can affect an individual’s career opportunities, education, living arrangements, home life and personal life. It is important to not let these kinds of life-changing situations happen without the help of someone who can represent you confidently in all levels and areas of criminal courts in Washington. Check out our new job opening a friend has.

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Call 202-320-4931 to schedule a free initial consultation and speak directly with criminal defense attorney Mark Stephens. He provides representation to both. English and Spanish speaking clients and can be flexible in payment options. Wyoming virtual offices available today. Just call!