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A drug arrest is a serious crime, and working to mitigate the potential legal consequences requires help from an attorney who will thoroughly advocate for your best interests. For more than 15 years, Everett drug crime defense attorney, Mark Stephens, has been helping individuals who have been questioned about, accused of, arrested for or charged with a drug-related crime.

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If you or a loved one has been accused of possession of drugs, or was found to have drugs or drug paraphernalia in your custody, it may seem as though there is no legal recourse. Remember that contacting a skilled attorney can provide insight into areas of the law that you may not have considered.

For example, the methods used by law enforcement officials to investigate your property can play a key role in your defense as illegal search and seizure or entrapment could have provided them with the evidence against you. Attorney Stephens will thoroughly investigate all options and methods available to build a staunch defense and protect your rights.

Wyoming County Attorney Handling Drug Offense Cases

In Washington state, most drug convictions carry with them mandatory jail terms. If the term is relatively short, the time away from your job and your family can still place serious burdens on you. No matter what, having a criminal record can limit your employment opportunities, your access to state and federal benefits, and your ability to build your future.

Drug charges can result from momentary lapses in judgment or youthful experimentation. These kinds of charges should not have to dictate your life or the life of your child for years to come. Second and third chances are within reach. Attorney Stephens works to keep criminal records clear, have sentences reduced and have cases dismissed in drug crime charges.

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