Violent Crimes

Felony and Misdemeanor Defense Attorney

Mark R. Stephens of D.C. and Virginia adeptly handles criminal defense for misdemeanors and felonies such as the following:

The Law Office of Mark R. Stephens serves clients in need of criminal defense in municipal, county or state court. Often, the difference between a misdemeanor and a felony crime is determined by degree or dollar value. The amount of drugs seized in a drug crime investigation or the dollar value of assets allegedly stolen through fraud will place criminal charges in a misdemeanor or felony category.

Part of a zealous approach to criminal defense is to pursue the least punitive outcome attainable in any given case, ranging from “case dismissed” to reduction of charges to probation. Mr. Stephens brings years of trial experience to every case. Prosecutors know of Mr. Stephens’ record of successful outcomes in trial and understand that he is willing to take a case before a judge and/or jury as needed. His record of successful results demonstrates that he is not an attorney who rushes to resolve a case with weak plea bargains. He assumes every case will go to trial until proven otherwise.

We are proud of the fact we specialize and provide representation for those accused of committing criminal law, including violent crimes such as:

  • Domestic violence
  • Child abuse Probation violations
  • Sex crimes, including rape and other forms of sexual assault and abuse
  • Internet pornography and other computer crimes

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