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Consent, or the lack thereof, is a prominent player in any sexual assault or rape criminal defense case. If you have been charged with this type of offense, you may have thought that the other party was consenting, and then been surprised to find yourself facing a serious criminal charge. The details of this type of situation must be sifted through by an experienced Everett rape defense attorney to garner you the best protection possible.

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Status as a Registered Sex Offender Is Serious. Get the Help You Need.

Sexual assault and rape are serious crimes. False allegations of these crimes are almost equally serious. Misunderstandings or poor judgment from both parties can instigate a lifetime of consequences.

Rape Hotline: https://centers.rainn.org/

Victim testimonies, witness statements and DNA forensic evidence form a ruinous combination; potentially labeling individuals who face allegations of date rape as lifetime registered sex offenders. Despite the complicated details of your case, the stigma associated with status as a sex offender could require you to notify your neighbors of your criminal record. Your employment opportunities could be limited, and, in general, your future is at stake.

By contacting a skilled attorney who is ever committed to protecting your rights, you stand a better chance of having your future protected.

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